Chakras are mysterious wheels of energy field on our body. It is the conjunction point of three nadis mainly known as IDA nadi, SUSMNA nadi and PINGLA nadi.

There are mainly 7 chakras we generally discuss about and they are most prominently associated with our nature, behavior, attitude, thought pattern, taste, food habit etc. These seven chakras are known as —

Understand and activate 7 chakras

Root chakra ( Muladhar chakra)—situated at base of the spine. It represents Earth element. It’s color is red.

Sacral chakra ( Svadhisthana chakra) situated 3inches below naval point. Lower abdomen region. It represents water element. It’s color is orange.

Solar plexus chakra ( Manipur chakra) situated at below heart just beneath diaphragm. It represents fire element. It’s color is yellow.

Heart chakra ( Anahata chakra) situated at center of heart region. It represents air element. It’s color is green.

Throat chakra ( Vishuddhi chakra) situated at throat. It represents space element . It’s color is blue.

Third eye chakra ( Ajna chakra) situated half a centimeter above the midpoint between two eyebrows. It represents space elements. It’s color is indigo.

Crown chakra ( Sahashrara chakra) situated just above the crown of the skull. It represents space element. It’s color is violet.

1: The root chakra 

This is the primary energy hub from which the energy escalates and feed the other chakras. A proper  functioning and spinning of this base chakra is mandatory to ensure the normal working of the body system. A disorder present in this chakra causes chronic fatigue and adrenal exhaustion, etc.  It connects us to the mother Earth. It keeps the mind calm and bestows inner strength and confidence. This chakra is benefited from drumming music, dance, urge to jump, run, sing.

Balanced sign and symptoms—basic survival needs gets fulfilled, life seems supporting , easy cash flow, strength and stability.

Unbalanced emotional signs and symptoms – fearful, easily worried, future anxiety, feels guilty, unstable, struggling with debts, poor financial condition.

Unbalanced physical symptoms—Obsession, addiction, feeble legs, depression, constipation, fatigue, diarrhea, adrenaline junkie.


2: The Sacral Chakra

This chakra is our power hub and empowers the ethics of our life. This is the point where our internal energies are accumulated for later life. It is the courage and confidence booster and a source of our sense morality, manifesting, creativity, sensuality and wealth. It correspondence to our inner fire that encourages us to live, experience, share and support the life. If we are doing well in the life and society, this chakra is active , strong, and powerful. An imbalance in this chakra produces problem like progeny issue, feminine identity problem, sexual dysfunction, urinary tract problem, back pain and aggression issues, etc. A well balanced sacral chakra influences our overall energy field, our state of mind and the health of our entire system.

Balanced symptoms—Healthy sex life, higher sexual pleasure, full of energy and motivated.

Imbalance emotional symptoms—Obsessed with sex or poor sex drive, sexual concerns are shameful, guilt and perversion. 

Imbalanced physical symptoms—Fatigue, bladder and kidney problem, sexual organ problem and fertility issue.


3: The Solar Plexus Chakra

This is one of the most active yet erratic energy centers that easily extend itself out to outer world. It generates emotions based on anger, ego, jealousy and anxiety. Basically it represents one’s individuality. Movements, social connections and intelligence are few medium through which the chakra expresses itself. If this chakra is imbalanced, then it will produce problems like egocentric behaviour, aggression, rage, toxin prone liver, frustration, nausea, and bad digestion. This chakra mainly governs liver, spleen, stomach and gallbladder.

 Balanced signs and symptoms—will power, ego, trust, higher standards for own self.

Imbalanced emotional symptoms—Self –obsessed, anger, frustration, moral superiority and intolerance.

Imbalanced physical signs and symptoms- Overweight or underweight, diabetes, poor digestion, liver problem and no muscle tone.


4: Heart Chakra

This is the chakra of love, compassion, emotions, feelings, ability to read and sense the nature of others around. Healthy heart chakra makes one transparent; accept the things as they are, socializing, open to life and surroundings. An imbalanced heart chakra indicates unsocialise attitude, hat redness, difficulty in accepting people/ surroundings as it is.

Balanced signs and symptoms—Love, compassionated, open, acceptance, putting down self on other’s place.

Imbalanced emotional signs and symptoms—Hopeless, seek for love, conditional love, fear of rejection, oppressed love.

Imbalanced physical signs and symptoms— Heart disease, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, asthma, fatigue.


5: The throat Chakra

It is associated with speech, vocal expression, strength on tone / speech and vocabulary. Weak voice, extremely loud voice, hesitant in speaking, hoarse sound on voice is some of symptoms of poor and stressed out throat chakra. A balanced throat chakra provides rhythmic tone, calm tone but with deeper meaning, attractive voice that attracts masses and mesmerizes the audience. 

Balanced signs and symptoms – truth speaking, expressive, self confident and good orator.

Imbalanced emotional signs and symptoms – judgment fear, truth fear, liar, self-doubt, speech not impressive and Loss of words while speaking.

Imbalanced physical signs and symptoms— sore throat, asthma, stiff neck and shoulders, weak voice, coughing and throat congestion.


6: The Third Eye Chakra

Known as sixth sense and connected to presence of mind, intelligence, intuition, ideas. This chakra is the medium to wake up sixth sense and spiritual development. If this chakra is Imbalanced, it will create eye sight issue, migraine, sinus, lack of inspiration. Both overthinking and under thinking can put this chakra out of balance and the person ends up feeling lost, depressed, and dull most of the time. 

Balanced signs and symptoms—Judge others correctly. Intuitive, able to go beyond mind intelligence.

Imbalanced emotional signs and symptoms—worried, critical, judgmental, strange belief, over plans, follow rational intellect and mind.

Imbalanced physical signs and symptoms—Headache, eye problems, dizziness, brain fog.


7: The Crown Chakra

This chakra is the final abode of spirituality and higher self. This one is the top most of the main chakra present in the body. It connects the human with all present in this world and that world which is beyond the range of these bodily eyes. Activation of this chakra blesses one with divine intuition power. A balanced crown chakra makes one feel highly energetic, connected to the world and confined. Imbalanced crown chakra makes one feel like alone in the crowd, dull, judgmental and rigid.

Balanced signs and symptoms—selfless, spiritual, highly conscious, inclined towords higher purpose.

Imbalanced emotional signs and symptoms—confusion, unclear direction in life, self-centered, depression, often lost, self-absorbed.

Imbalanced physical signs and symptoms—Neurosis, dizziness, headache, brain fog, lethargy.