Numerology is the science and philosophy of numbers. A method of study of different vibration of each number. A method of character analysis of date of birth and name. Each alphabet has been assigned with a number. The analysis of the date of birth and name gives clarity on who am I. The interrelation between the date of birth and name number defines the person’s life, character, nature, talents, and goal, etc.
Numerology word is the combination of Latin word Numerous(number) and Greek word Logos(word, thought, expression).

Numerology is an advanced offshoot of the melodious rhythm of the mathematical precision that controls all creation. It influences every aspect of our life consciously or unconsciously. Numerology can be used as a practical method of understanding one’s deeper nature, talents, and life goals, hidden characteristics, opportunity, and life challenges from time to time. It offers guidance in career, romance, business, growth, prosperity.

Numerology method being used in Greece, China, Egypt, Rome 5000 to 10000 years ago. It is one of the most ancient life forecast tools.

The date of birth expresses one’s potential and strength. Name vibration is the channelizer to potential and strength. Synchronisation and harmony of these two are must for a smoother life cycle.

Numerology science can be used for choosing the right career, new baby name, business, marriage prospects, compatibility of a life partner, selecting a business house name, selecting right business, restructuring disturbed family life, identifying Vastu defects in the house, Planetary impacts on one’s life, lucky days, lucky dates, lucky colours, lucky numbers, restructuring of the name in synchronisation of date of birth, etc.etc…

Numerology fast tracks a person’s life.

One can make value addition to one’s life and make life more palatable and flavoured as a cake is done.

Numerology can change the direction of the route to reach one’s destiny.


Frequently Asked Questions —

1- What is Numerology?

Ans- Numerology is a study of numbers. Every number has a unique vibration. The total value of numbers of the date of birth and the total of numeric value derived from name alphabets of an individual provides the interrelation between two to study psychic pattern and life path of a human being.

2- How is the study of numerology is benefitted us?

Ans- Using numerology one can discover a person’s strength and weakness, deep inner needs, emotional reactions, ways of dealing with others, talents.

You can help yourself becoming aware of your character and learning to understand and deal with others like family, friends, lovers, employers, employees.

You can find out what kind of potential energy and what type of stress currently exist in your life and the lives of those around you. You can determine the best time for marriage, change of jobs, speculation, buying a property, etc.etc…

3- Will the Numerology solution help me in my destiny?

Ans- Yes, certainly numerology solution will help you for smooth destiny by synchronising name vibration with the date of birth vibration.

4- Can a disturbed married life or disturbed family life be solved through Numerology?

Ans- Yes. By analysing and synchronising both partner’s date of birth and name vibration it can be solved.

5- Does numerology help in career and job?

Ans- Yes, it does. Missing number remedy of carrier and stability along with name vibration synchronisation help in career and job.

6- Can numerology help me in deciding which business I should go for?

Ans- Yes, very precisely numerology pinpoint type of profession you should be. By aligning the missing number in date of birth and analysing name it can be identified and growth in business is assured.

7- Can numerology do compatibility check of bride and groom before marriage?

Ans- Yes, more precisely it can do. Numerology checks compatibility of mental state, nature, physical, and other practical issues on day to day life.

8- Does numerology address childbirth issue?

Ans- Yes, numerology does address childbirth issue.

9- Can the correction of name spelling bring change in an individual’s life?

Ans- Yes, very much. Name correction with proper analysis can make life U-turn from negative and struggle life to positive and successful life and happy family life.

10- Is numerology analysis required for all?

Ans- In myy opinion everyone should go for numerology analysis and due remedy. It makes life path smooth and stable, and progressive.


Services provided based on Numerology —

Through numerology analysis, one can get to know about—

  • Education, Profession, Family life, Marriage, Disturbed married life, Divorce, growth, Prosperity and many more.
  • Type of business one wants to do.
  • What would be the career path.
  • Compatibility chart of Bride and Groom and how will be the compatibility of the couple.
  • Newborn Baby Name – for choosing the right career, business, marriage prospects, compatibility of a life partner, selecting business house name, selecting a right business, restructuring disturbed family life, identifying Vastu defects in the house,
  • Planetary impacts on one’s life, lucky days, lucky dates, lucky colours, lucky numbers.
  • Restructuring of the name in synchronisation of date of birth.