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All living bodies are moving energy bodies. All of us are energy bodies that are encased in a human form. In a true sense, we are electro-magnetic beings that affect other electro-magnetic beings by bringing change to their positive potential or negative potential of wellness. We are surrounded by energy and the effects of which change the way we think, feel and, react.

According to me, healing is nothing more than moving of energy from point-A to point-B to create a sense of wellness. Energy can be defined as potential (still) and kinetic (moving). It is when the potential or kinetic energy becomes stuck that we start suffering from psychological or physical illness.

The human body consists of nerves through which the energy flows, chakras where the energy fills up like water in a reservoir, is purified and then advances through nerves to respective organs of the body and thereby providing energy for it to function. Once you grasp this method of moving energy right down to the blood cell levels and flooding these cells with the awareness (focused intensity of concentration) of healing your life will open to wonders light years beyond what you thought possible. It is the secret to health and joy and peace, and unknowingly for you, it is working right now within you as you read these lines.

Awareness is like a glowing ball of light that is floating around in mind. The mind is a vast space filled with different areas of emotions like happiness, hatred, jealousy, joy, etc. All these emotions are playing around in our minds because they are associated with the experience of the past. Overwork, lack of exercise, drugs, alcohol, poor diet, anger, greed, grief, all dampen our consciousness and impair our ability to perceive our world in a non-threatening way. Our lives are filled with perceived threats. We have financial, job, family pressures and corresponding negative and positive emotions attached to it which builds up over a period of time. Even while driving for a pleasant event like movies or functions, sudden traffic jams ruin the mood and boiling blood pressure and exploding tempers. By using your will power and power of concentration you can actually take control of your awareness.

Pure awareness is the source of energy and order of quantum healing.

All you need is to shift the way your awareness flows. It is not a technique; it is a state of being. It is a state wherein you are holding that field of energy, holding the state of possibility to create miracles in your life which could become as natural to you as breathing.


Healing Services —

1- One Chakra healing — One sitting (remotely online and face to face)
2- Complete 7 chakra healing — Two sittings
3- Negative energy expelling and positive-energy infusing — Minimum 5 sittings required to sustain the energy level
4- House healing — One sitting
5- Remote ailment healing — One sitting