Vastu is the process of realisation of the subconscious mind. Having a house of own first gets conceived in the subconscious mind which gradually and in course of time gets converted into physical shape through a process of drawing, architecture, an arrangement of funds, construction and final residing in the house.

Ultimately with this process, a portion of outer space is encroached upon, known as inner space the house. The main gate acts as a gateway between outer space and inner space. As our thought process in the subconscious mind gets converted to a conscious mind for realising the output.

Contemporary Vastu is a science of architectural marvels designed for human dwelling balancing nature of five elements—Water, air, fire, earth, and space. Sufficient natural sunlight, cross ventilation, enough space, is the criteria while designing a house harmonising with nature. North-south axis and East-West axis is the main source of energy flow for making a house auspicious, where dwellers bestowed upon health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

While designing a house, the balancing of five elements is the utmost requirement. Respective Activity related to the respective five elements is to be planned in such a manner that all elements are represented very proportionately at their respective zone so that energy flow is constant. Any element if imbalanced will affect the corresponding element and in turn, disturbing all five elements and the result will be reflected on dwellers in the form of health, wealth, happiness, career, growth, family disturbances, etc.

A well designed Vastu in conformity with the law of nature of five elements fulfils the desire of dwellers.
Clarity in mind, proper analysis of thought, happiness bonding among family members, hindrance in cash flow, conversion of effort into cash flow, fame, recognition, social association, good education, saving, profit in business, support from society, family, finance, etc. opportunity and growth are few outcomes of a nature compliance Vastu.

Main entrance decides nature and attitude of dwellers.
The basic principle of five elements balancing is must for house, office, industry, corporate and all.


Services provided by Vastutalks —

Vastutalks provides services of analysing Vastu energy and diagnosing Vastu defects through four step Mahavastu method and Vedic method.

Starting from the selection of plot, analysing of plot energy.

For domestic individual house and flats, apartments as a whole, commercial plots, places, office, shops, industrial complexes, factories.

On all these above the four-step Mahavastu method and Vedic Vastu, method principle is used.

1- Vastu diagnosis and suggestion of remedy through the Mahavastu process.
(To the scale house sketch to be provided by owner or tenants seeking service)

2- Vastu diagnosis and suggestion of remedy through the Vedic method.

3- Astro Vastu diagnosis and suggestion of remedy.

What is the Four-Step Method?

Ans- Identifying main gate and main entrance location as per 32 entrance points on the four-step method. Source of water as per 16 zone principle on five element theory. Source of fire/energy as per 16 zone theory. Source of disposal as per 16 zone theory.
Application of colour as per elemental balancing zonal theory. Observation of activity incommensurate to element and remedial suggestion is given as per the Vedic method of Vastu defects solutions. Realignment of sitting position, bed position starting from head of the family to child. Drawing room location, Bedroom, kitchen, toilet, balcony, puja room, servant room, study room, children room, staircase, etc. are all minutely observed, analysed for their respective zonal attributes and impacts on dweller’s life and commercial impact. Accordingly repositioning of activities, with remedy is suggested.
Four-step method diagnosis and remedy application are the same for all kind of Vastu. Be it domestic, commercial, industrial. For industrial purpose placing of raw material, finishing goods are looked into in different angle. While evaluating the Vastu energy of the site, The balancing factor of pranic energy and Jaibik energy is thoroughly observed. Any imbalance of this two will upset the flow of cosmic energy which may imbalance rest of energy.